Inject a touch of elegance and pizzazz into your next kitchen or bathroom remodel with the unique appearance of glass tiles. The intensity of color, vibrancy and texture of glass is often unachievable in standard ceramic and porcelain tiles. If you’re searching for a way to make a dramatic statement in your kitchen or bath, glass tiles are the way to go. They are the perfect combination of style and function while being easy to maintain.

One of our favorite glass tile manufacturers is Glazzio Tiles, which offers an incredible selection with over 100 different series in their collection. The variety of styles and color selection will satisfy even the most selective of homeowners.  Below is an overview of some of our favorite Glazzio glass tiles. One of these tiles might be the exact one you need to transform your kitchen or bath from standard to dazzling.

Dentelle Series

These 2” Arabesque pattern tiles are available in a range of shades including Spectrum Ridge, Desert Range, Heavenly Lagoon and Waterfall Grey. These versatile tiles can add traditional elegance and style to a kitchen backsplash, bathroom wall or used as an accent feature to highlight traditional ceramic tiles.

Harmony Series

Harmony provides an array of colors and shapes for the perfect kitchen or bathroom combination. You have your pick from brick, chevron and penny rounds with the finishing touches of bullnose, molding and 3×12 tiles. Colors include Fantasy blue, Octave breeze, Vintage grey and White rock.

Iberian Series

Creating an industrial or farmhouse look is easily achieved with one of the many color selections from the Iberian Series’ 4×16 tiles. Shades include Bilbao Sand, Malaga Coast, Isabella Bay, Andalusia, Navy Pallete, Espana Rock and Valencia Ash.

Retro Neuve Series

Make a bold statement in your kitchen or bath with one of the many styles found among these square Retro Neuve tiles. There are plenty of options with both geometric and floral patterns rendered in black and white or the most beautiful shades of grey. These tiles are perfect for creating a feature wall or an inset in your shower. The applications are endless. Some of our fave styles include Radiant Frame, Fleur Noir, Euro Fountain and Zero Gravity.

Yosemite Series

The Yosemite series can transform your bathroom into a modern spa retreat full of elegance and sophistication.  These 9×18 brick tiles, perfect for a bathroom wall or shower, are available in a myriad of styles including Coyote Blue, Prairie Afternoon, Nightfall, December Tracks, Half Dome, and others.

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