Photography: Peter Rymwid

Picture the laundry room of your dreams and see if it even comes close to this amazing Summit NJ laundry room featuring tiles by Mediterranean Tile and design by Valerie Grant of Valerie Grant Interiors. You might actually look forward to folding the laundry in this bright spacious neutral toned laundry room bathed in natural light.

This laundry room was the last featured room in a week-long virtual home tour Valerie presented to her Facebook followers:

The last room on this tour is the laundry room. This is one of my favorite rooms in this house – which is why I saved it for the end! I love that it is bright and spacious. It certainly helps when you are doing a chore to enjoy your space. I hope you enjoyed this week (and a day) virtual house tour. It will be so nice to be able to do this in person – soon!

Valerie is one of our favorite designers to collaborate with.

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